Aug 06, 2023

Injekto Injection Machine Reaches 2.0

Last time we looked in on Injekto — a homemade plastic injection machine — it was at version 1.0. A recent video from the team that you can see below shows version 2 which is much improved and can work with 3D printed molds. Injection molding takes a lot of pressure and the machine certainly looks stout with lots of machined aluminum.

If you want to skip the build process, you can skip up to around the 9-minute mark. That’s where they show a machined mold and a 3D printed mold being used with the machine.

The first attempt overfilled the mold, but with a little clean-up, it looked pretty good, and, of course, there’s a way to adjust the fill amount. The 3D plastic molds cost about $100, cheap for a mold, but expensive for a 3D print. They also tested some cheaper printers and resin to create molds at a lower cost which also worked well.

The second version of the machine is a step up from the old version, as you’d expect. There are other ways to build an injector, of course, but this does look like a well-polished setup. We liked the dual injection buttons to keep your hands clear of the pinch points, for example.